Join us with Rev. Millicent D. Parker, LPC for episode #7 “Emotionally Toxic Relationships ” We discuss the intersection faith and relationships. We will discuss recognizing emotional abuse and toxicity in relationships.

The TheoTherapist Podcast, where we explore the intersections connecting theology and mental health. The TheoTherapist podcast is hosted by Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, practical theologian and licenced therapist.

Episode Timeline

00:45 Welcome

01:05 Rev. Millicent D. Parker Background

02:40 Relationship Series Overview

03:55 Integrating Theology and Therapy

06:45 Intersection of Therapy, Emotional Health, and Women

09:10 Identifying Emotional Abuse and Warning Signs

15:45 The Effect of Name Calling and Verbal Targeting

20:20 Spirituality and Toxic Relationships

28:20 Being a Good Stewart of Yourself

30:30 Self Love and Caring for Yourself

32:20 Navigating Emotionally Toxic Family Events

“You don’t have to force yourself to be miserable.”

– Rev. Millicent D. Parker, LPC

Podcast Host


Rev. Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, LPC, ACS


Through counseling, consulting and training, Dr. Glenn shares her passion for wellness and balance. Over the last 20 years, she has held leadership positions in the entertainment, corporate, information technology and counseling fields. In addition to her professional experience, she also lives out her life’s vocational calling as an ordained minister. Dr. Glenn uses her gifts to educate and care for others seeking holistic wellness. Through counseling, consulting and training, Dr. Glenn shares her passion for wellness and balance.

Podcast Guest


Rev. Millicent D. Parker, LPC


Rev. Millicent Parker, LPC, NCC is passionate about empowering people through self-awareness. With over 20 years of counseling and ministerial experience, Millicent brings a heart for individuals, couples and families, and she is committed to journey alongside them as they come to understand, work through or simply acknowledge their True Self. Along with her passion and commitment to empowering others, Millicent brings a wealth of knowledge on the impact of addiction on the individual and the family.