Join us with Rev. Dr. Jaye Lynn Peabody Smith, LPC, CPCS for episode #6 “Why do I have to be the one to forgive?” We discuss the intersection faith and relationships. Our guiding question for this episode asks, ” What difference does it make whether I forgive or not?”

The TheoTherapist Podcast, where we explore the intersections connecting theology and mental health. The TheoTherapist podcast is hosted by Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, practical theologian and licenced therapist.

Episode Timeline

00:40 Welcome

01:25 Rev. Dr. Jaye Peabody Smith Background

05:30 Integrating Theology and Therapy

06:45 Intersection of Theology, Therapy, Forgiveness and Shame

09:40 Why is important to forgive?

13:00 The Effect of Harboring Pain, Anger and Shame

16:30 Forgiveness and Our Relationship with God

17:50 Will God Still Love Me if I’m Struggling to Forgive?

24:30 What of the Forgiveness Journey Look Like?

26:00 Forgiving While Your Still in a Difficult Relationship

“Forgiveness does not mean that trust is restored, trust is earned”

– Rev. Dr. Jaye Lynn Peabody Smith, LPC

Podcast Host


Rev. Dr. Ca Trice Glenn, LPC, ACS


Through counseling, consulting and training, Dr. Glenn shares her passion for wellness and balance. Over the last 20 years, she has held leadership positions in the entertainment, corporate, information technology and counseling fields. In addition to her professional experience, she also lives out her life’s vocational calling as an ordained minister. Dr. Glenn uses her gifts to educate and care for others seeking holistic wellness. Through counseling, consulting and training, Dr. Glenn shares her passion for wellness and balance.

Podcast Guest


Rev. Dr. Jaye Lynn Peabody Smith, LPC


Rev. Dr. Jaye Lynn Peabody Smith strives to be influential, inspirational, and impassioned. She is a preacher, teacher, trainer, and author. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor who in 2014, started Peabody Practice, LLC. The Peabody Practice provides counseling, consultation, and training to individuals and organizations. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS) and a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor. Rev. Jaye has served in ministry for over 20 years. She accepted her call to preach at New Bethel AME Church in Lithonia, Georgia. She is currently the Executive Pastor at Redemptive Life Christian Fellowship in Conyers, Georgia. Rev. Jaye has dedicated her personal life and her career to social justice and mental health access. She is passionate about abiding with people on their journey to emotional wholeness. In January 2020, she founded My Sacred Space (MSS). My Sacred Space is a faith-based, nonprofit counseling organization providing free and affordable access to mental health services. Rev. Jaye is also a published writer. Her latest book, “Heels, Hearts, & Halos: Lessons on My Journey,” is available on Amazon, and on her website: